Floating Ginkgo Tutorials

Welcome to the new Floating Ginkgo Tutorial site.

We have finished converting the Shi-painter tutorial to the new site format, which will make it much easier to maintain and update on a regular basis. Also, Opium's fur tutorial has been incorporated into it.

The tutorial is divided into 4 sections - the Applet, the Tools, the Masks step-by-step tutorial and the fur step-by-step tutorial. Hopefully, more will be added in the future.

We hope to add tutorials on other graphics software as well, like Photoshop and Gimp. If there are any specific tools or programs you would like to see included, please let us know.

If there are any Ginkgoers who would like to contribute to this endeavour, please contact Grace, Noel or Suzie and we'll set you up as a contributor on the site.

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