Toolbar Box Eight: Color Palette

Color Palette IconColor Palette
The Color Palette part of the Toolbar has fourteen boxes where you can store your palette - a set of colors that you want to use in your picture. You can place a color of your choosing in the palette by right clicking the color and then right clicking the box in the palette where you want to store it. To use one of the colors, left click on it. (It is similar to the Keep Tool but only saves the color setting.) You could also choose a set of colors before you begin and then limit yourself to using only the colors within that predetermined set. Or you might want to use the Color Palette to save several closely-related shades/tones of one color for the purpose of easy access when you are blending.
The theory of color and a discussion of palettes is a complex subject. There are many articles available on the Internet if you would like to learn more about color theory. Here is a good place to start: Wikipedia - Color Theory
The Color Palette in the Toolbar below contains all of the colors used in this painting of a sunset. Color Palette