Toolbar Box Five: Grab Bag

Color Picker/Mask Icons Color Picker
Grab Bag: Color Picker/Mask, Texture Palette, Text Font & Keep
Color Picker/Mask: To open the Color Picker/Mask Tool window, simply click on the Color Icon to the left. This tool makes it very easy to move from full saturation to grayscale, light to dark with any color. White and black are in opposite corners. Pick a color from the slider along the right side of the window. From the larger box on the left side, you can now choose the Hue, Saturation and Brightness of that color (HSB). (See illustration to the right.) Remember, once you have used a color in your drawing you can "pick it up" by right clicking on it in the canvas area. The other function of this Color Picker is for selecting areas of your drawing to mask, which will be discussed in Toolbar Box Seven: Mask.

Texture Palette

Texture Palette:
When you click on the Texture Icon a floating window, like the one to the left, will open on your work surface. Choose one of the brush tools, and then click on a box in the Texture Palette. Your brush strokes will now have a textured appearance. Some of the brushes work better with textures than others. The Pen Tool does not work with Textures at all. This is one of those things you just have to play with to get a feeling for it. Try varying the opacity of the brush you're using to get subtler effects with the textures. (See image below.)

 Keep Full Keep Empty
Don't forget to go back and choose the "plain" square at the left-hand top of the texture palette when you're finished applying a textured area.

Text Font:
Text Font has already been discussed in conjunction with the Text Tool in Toolbar Box Two.
Keep: Click on the Keep Icon to open up a small vertical floating window like the ones at the right. Whenever you change tools/colors, if you right click in one of the Keep boxes, it will save the settings there. You can go back to that color, brush, size, etc. just by clicking on that particular box in the Keep again. The second Keep at the right is what it looks like when it's been filled with "Kept" settings.

This drawing was done using only textured brushes
Texture Example