Toolbar Box Four: Erasers

Eraser IconsErasers: Plain, Smooth, Rectangle & Clear Canvas
Plain: The first eraser in the box is just a Plain Eraser. You can vary the size and opacity of the erasers the same as any of the brush tools.
Smooth: The second Eraser leaves a Smooth edge. This is the one I prefer.
Rectangle: The third Eraser is a click/hold then drag/release to make a Square/Rectangle for erasing large areas at one time.
Clear Canvas: The fourth Eraser is actually a "Clear Canvas" Tool. It will bring up a window asking if you are sure you want to delete the entire drawing. If you use this tool in error, don't panic. You can get your drawing back by hitting the "Undo" button at the top of your screen.
In the illustration I used a 20 pixel-sized eraser set first at full opacity and then at 100.
         Plain                Smooth                 Rectangular