Toolbar Box Three: Reposition

Copy, Flip & RotateReposition: Copy, Horizontal Flip, Vertical Flip & Rotate
Copy: When selected, allows you to click/hold the corner of the area you wish to Copy, and then drag your cursor across that area into the shape of a square or rectangular "selection". You may then reposition this selected area of the drawing by clicking/holding and dragging the square/rectangle to a new location on the canvas. When you release, there will be a Copy of whatever was inside the selected area over the top of the area of your drawing to which you moved the selection. It's a useful tool for making minor adjustments to your composition. You will probably need to do some clean-up around the edges of the area you copied. As an example - say I decided I wanted to be able to see the entire bead in the earring in the picture below. I could move the ear up, then go in and just clean up a few details around the edges and finish the bottom of the earring.
Copy Tool
Flip: There are two Flip Tools - one will Flip horizontally and one will Flip vertically. You select the area you wish to Flip in the same way you use the Copy Tool; position the cursor on the canvas, click/hold and then drag/release the selection to Flip it.
Rotate: Works the same way. The selected area will be Rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
Horizontal Flip Vertical Flip 90 Degree Clockwise Rotation
Horizontal Flip Vertical Flip 90 Degree Clockwise Rotation