Fur Page 9

Alright, now comes the fun part! It's detail time! Using the pen, and the white color (yes, you can finally use the white! But only as long as the A is at about 60 or possibly lower) start to indicate where you would see white strands really sticking out. It's not going to be all over the place, but in certain areas. One big problem you might run into is it starts to look too seperated. Don't use the soft option, that'll kill the picture. Instead, grab your watercolor brush at size 3 A 50 and use the detail method to bring clumpiness back to the hairs, but don't go too hog wild with it! Just in areas that need touching up. Repeat this for the entire body of fur, always looking at your reference to see where light hairs really like to stand out.
Fur Tutorial Page 9

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