Toolbar JTablet

Download & Install: Click on this link and follow the designer's instructions for downloading and installing the software. This software will not have any effect on your drawing capabilities unless you are using a drawing tablet that supports pressure sensitivity. (Wacom is the most common brand.)
Activating: In Shi Painter, the small "P" (for Pressure?) at the upper right-hand corner of the canvas activates the JTablet. Click on it and a small window with two sets of double sliders and two ON/OFF buttons will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your page.
Opacity & Flow Sliders: The top slider bars control the opacity of your line. The bottom slider bars control the size or flow of your line. The two features, opacity and flow, work together if both ON buttons are ticked. They can work independently of each other by turning one or the other of the features to OFF.
Whenever you are setting the sliders, the bottom bar must always be in a more advanced (to the right) position than the top bar. If you set the top bar further to the right than the bottom one, nothing will happen.
Normally, a tool has only one slider bar setting. Because the JTablet is controlling a function that changes depending on the pressure applied to the tablet surface, it has to be able to gauge the variation of pressure applied (light to hard pressure = thin to thick lines or light to full opacity of color). So, the distance between the two sliders is the setting for how much variation there will be when you press your pen/stylus against the tablet. Set the sliders very close together and make some lines applying various amounts of pressure. There will be very little variation; while making a light colored line and then pressing, you still will get a fairly light colored line. While making a fairly thin line and pressing hard, you still will get a fairly thin line. Now set the sliders far apart. When you make a light colored line and press down the line will change to a darker (more opaque) color. If you start with a thin line and press down, the line will become very thick. There will be a lot of variation.
The example below shows several different Pressure Window Slider variation settings. These illustrate the effects on the lines produced by varying the pressure applied to your tablet.

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