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For the purpose of this application of the Mask Tools, find or create a drawing that has well-defined line art. I will show you a way to make coloring around the lines for cartoon/comic style artwork fast and easy by using masks. I've chosen a fairly simple image to work with. You can use the same image for this tutorial or an image of your own, just be sure to follow each step.
Start the Shi Painter Drawing application as described in the beginning of this tutorial. If you plan to reproduce the same artwork as you see in the tutorial, choose 300 x 300 for your canvas size. Otherwise, choose whatever you like. I recommend opening a floating page for your canvas. It's not essential but it makes drawing easier.
Mask Step-by-Step Tutorial Page 1
  1. Select the Pencil tool in Box One of the Toolbar. (I use the Pencil for drawing with the Mask because it creates the cleanest edges of any of the brush tools. Less clean-up to do! Yay!)
  2. Open the Color Picker/Mask Tool by clicking on the icon in Box Five of the Toolbar.
  3. Set the opacity to 255 (100%).
  4. Set the pixel size to 2. (You may like to draw with a thinner or thicker line, that's fine. 2 seems like a good, average width for line art.)
  5. Set the color to black.
  6. Do a fairly finished version of your line art. You can always go in later and clean it up or change it. Make sure that you have closed lines around every area of the drawing that will be separate areas of color. We're going to use color Fills and if there are gaps in your line work, the color will show up in areas where you don't want it.

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