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  1. In the next step we will use the Mask Tool to protect your line art from the other colors you will be adding. Select "Mask" in Box Seven of the Toolbar.
  2. Right click on Black. It doesn't matter where you go to find it; the Color Palette, the Color Picker or your canvas, as long as it is the exact same black you used in your line art. The Mask Tool must be able to recognize it as such.
  3. At the bottom of the Color Picker Window, there are two boxes. The one on the left indicates the current color. The one on the right indicates the color of the current masked area. After you have right clicked on black, left click in the Mask Color Box.
  4. Now pick the first color you are going to use in your drawing. In mine, I chose the skin tone first and finished with the background color. When you have picked the color, the Mask Box will have changed to black, indicating that everything on your canvas that is that particular black color will now be masked. For as long as it remains masked, you will not be able to draw over anything on the canvas that is black.
  5. Select the Fill Bucket (either by clicking on it at the bottom of Box Six or at the top of the page on the Menu Bar.)
  6. Fill all the areas that you want to be the color you currently have selected.
  7. Repeat Steps 10 and 12, choosing colors for each of the areas in your drawing and then using the Fill Bucket to apply the color. You will notice some small white areas that need to be cleaned up.

Mask Step-by-Step Tutorial Page 2

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