Masks Page 3

  1. For clean up, click on the "Zoom In" Box at the lower left-hand corner of the canvas window. You may need to use the Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bars to move the canvas around so you can access all of it.
  2. First, clean up the colored areas of the drawing. Leave the Line Art masked. To match any color you have used, left click and begin to fill in any white areas that did not get covered when you did your Color Fills
  3. Once all the colored sections are finished, switch back to "Normal" in Box Seven of the Toolbar. Your black Line Art will no longer be masked so you can do any work you want on it now.
  4. To clean up the Lines you may want to switch to a small Pen or Airbrush Tool in Box One for smoother edges. You can also use the Smooth Eraser Tool from Box Four to clean up edges and make internal lines come to a nice, tapered point. When you've done your clean-up, the image should look something like this:

Mask Step-by-Step Tutorial Page 3

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